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2014/07/18 Virtual 3D space maker, [3D Space Configurator 1.5] released!
…… Upgraded version of 3D Space Configurator from Serious Factory has been released in Japan with new powerful functions including output to mobile devices (iOS and Android) and technical drawing assistance.
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2014/05/29 VOCALOID Teams Up with Bunraku Puppets World Premiere of VOCALOIDTM Opera Aoi to be Held in July at London's Hyper Japan 2014!
…… °»VOCALOID Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets°…, a film produced by Star Gate Co. Ltd. featuring both VOCALOIDs (including AHS VOCALOIDs) and Japanese Bunraku puppets, will be held at main stage of the United Kingdom's biggest Japanese culture show, Hyper Japan, in London, England (July 25-27, 2014).
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2014/05/15 VOCALOID3 Tohoku Zunko To Be Released on 5th June 2014
…… AHS's another VOCALOID voice library on a roll! "VOCALOID3 Tohoku Zunko" was made based on voices of Satomi Sato (voice actress).
Avaiblable in the market on 5th June 2014 in major PC retail shops and on download websites in Japan.
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2014/05/09 AHS president will deliver a speech in Frankfurt Japanese Film Festival.
…… In Nippon Connection 2014 , which is a Japanese film festival held in Frankfurt Germany, Tomohide Ogata, AHS's president, is going to deliver a speech! Admission is free. So please feel free to come and meet him.

Date: 28th May 2014, Wed 16:00 CET
Venue: Mousonturm Studio 3(Admission free)
Subject: Video Production of Next Generation

Video production methods using 3D characters are now popular in Japanese pop-culture. He will explain how consumers and professionals create their works respectively - referring to technologies such as [Charamin Studio], [VOCALOID] and [Text to Vision].

2014/03/27 "VOICEROID+ Kotonoha Akane/Aoi" To Be Relased
…… "VOCALOID+ Kotonoha Akane/Aoi", which can also output the voice with intonation of the Kansai dialect (the speech of Osaka area), will be released on 25th Apr 2014. Available in major PC retail shops in Japan.
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2014/01/30 Yuzuki Yukari chosen as advertising character of Memanbetsu Airport Building
…… Yuzuki Yukari, AHS's Vocaloid/Voiceroid character, has been selected to be advertising character of Memambetsu Airport Building for promotion of Hokkaido Okhotsk Area on 4th Feb 2014.
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2013/11/29 Music Maker MX2 Producer Edition To Be Released
…… "Music Maker MX2 Producer Edition", high-performance music create software will be released on 19th Dec 2013 in major PC retail shops and on major EC websites in Japan.
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2013/11/29 Renewed version of "VOCALOID3 Yuzuki Yukari" To Be Released
…… "VOCALOID3 Yuzuki Yukari"'s retail package will be renewed to include already-published "exVoice" audio contents and its Mac version. Its market release date is 19th Dec 2013.
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…… "VOICEROID" is speech synthesis software based on [AITalkR], a high-quality speech synthesis engine developed by AI, Inc.. It would extended its functionality and be able to work with [CLIP STUDIO ACTION], 3D animation software developed by CELSYS, Inc. by the end of 2013.
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2013/09/05 [Charamin Studio] Will be Released
…… "Charamin Studio", a very easy-to-use music-video maker with 3D characters, will be released on Sept 26th 2013.
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